Report on spectrum sharing for the Commission

February 2012

Colin Blackman was a key member of a team led by SCF Associates Ltd that carried out a major study for the European Commission on the value of spectrum sharing. The final report,Perspectives on the Value of Shared Spectrum Access, provides support for the preparation of an impact assessment to accompany the Commission’s Initiative on the Shared Use of Spectrum (SMART 2011/0017).The aim of the study was to contribute to a better understanding of the socio-economic value of shared spectrum access, including its impact on competition, innovation and investment. It is one of several inputs intended to support the European Commission’s plans to publish a Communication on these issues. The report reflects the views of the authors and the opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of the European Commission.To carry out this assignment SCF Associates Ltd formed a project team of experts comprising Robert Horvitz (Open Spectrum Alliance), and Colin Blackman (Camford Associates) led by Simon Forge (SCF Associates Ltd).

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